SRQ Magazine – September 2009 – Fresh Start Finances

Typically we photograph the portraits for the Round Table section about a month before the publish date, so when this month’s photos came up for scheduling, the lovely Maria was getting some quality family time in a place far from Sarasota.  Since this type of shoot is one of Ellie’s favorites she jumped on the opportunity and headed out to capture the Maria Lyle essence with a dash of Alfaro.

This month’s topic – Short Sales and the renegotiation of mortgages – is an excellent one for the area in it’s present economic status, with many out of work and unable to make payments.  The options available to homeowners are vast and may help a family in distress to save their home and their sanity.

Featured in this issue were Cynthia Riddell, Attorney with Riddell Law Group, Marianne Lebar, Realtor® with Michael Saunders & Company, Mary Hawk, Firm Principal, Certified Mediator of Porges, Hamlin, Knowles and Prouty, P.A., and Edward F. Brunicardi, Jr. ESQ., Attorney with Brunicardi Law Firm, P.L., photographed by Maria – the day she got back into town.  You know that Maria, always working and working and working.  You’d think she LOVES her job or something….  Oh wait, she does!!

Cynthia Riddell, Attorney with Riddell Law Group