SRQ Magazine – July 2009

July was the biggest Round Table we have shot thus far, and is a great array of Green companies here in Sarasota.

Surely you’ve seen the Willis A. Smith Construction signs all over the county.   They were also featured in the 2009 EDC Hall of Fame, a great recognition.

Walking into the showroom over at DaVinci Kitchens is like walking into every cook’s fantasy land with a kitchen of every style and color surrounding and pleasing the senses.  The affable Brit works with industry leader, Alno, who works hard to boast Zero Waste, a process refined over the past 80 years of experience.

Out on the job-site, beachfront Siesta, we met up with the great guys with MyGreenBuildings, Steve Ellis and John Ferrari.  John is also the President of DwellGreen, an amazing new consultation firm whose home inspections are on the fore-front of technology and information.

Featured this month were; Willis A. Smith Construction, David Sessions, LEED AP, President, John Lacivita, LEED A, Vice President, Warren G. Simmonds, Ph.D., LEED AP, Vice President and CMO, and Fred Cavaluzzi, Vice President/Director of PreconstructionWill Smith, President of DaVinci Kitchens and Alno SarasotaRex Jensen, President & CEO of Schroder-Manatee Ranch of the Lakewood Ranch CommunitiesDavid Scanlan, President of Phoenix InkSteve Ellis, CEO, LEED A, MyGreenBuildingsCasey Colburn, Attorney/Shareholder, LEED AP, Kirk-Pinkerton, P.A..