Memoirs of G. Hunter Gibbons

This was a project very dear to me and dear to Ellie.  We were visited here in the studio by a couple that was referred down to us by Wolf Camera (Thanks Wolf – You Rock!!), who were originally only looking to have the medals pictured here photographed for the memoirs that Mr. Hunter Gibbons was writing with longtime assistant, Joyce Pattock.  After discussing the project with them, Ellie jumped in and took over because of her extensive knowledge about the print world.

In the end we photographed the medals, the photo featured on the front cover and some miscellaneous documents, which were included in the 80 page book, which we helped to typeset and proofread.  Something that started so simply, turned into a great project, whose end result was a really great new step in offering new products.  Since Ellie knew so much about having things printed, we were able to ease their process and take over all of the final steps involved, and inject a great deal of creativity that they had not even thought of.  Great project – really great people.  =)